The FeedBlitz Transactional Email API

You are an agency, service provider, or software vendor.

You need to reliably get transactional emails – receipts, opt-in confirmations, reminders – to your customers’ and clients’ audiences. 

You need to get these emails to the inbox without worry. You need your customers to not worry. And you need your customer service teams to deal with real issues, instead of “they didn’t get the email!” 

You need to do all of this without worrying about surprise bills, especially if you – or your clients – become suddenly successful.

That’s where we come in. This API enables FeedBlitz’s years of carefully nurtured deliverability excellence to your transactional email needs. 

Instead of leaving your customers to struggle with the perils of shared hosting and mediocre hosting email servers; instead of having them blame you for email deliverability issues they associate (unfairly!) with you; and instead of hoping they sign up with yet another provider just to get this apparently simple (apparently is doing some heavy lifting there) — use our API. You can bundle, you can upsell, it’s up to you and your business model.

But the bottom line is this: You solve the problem, you keep any marginal revenue, and you make it easy for your market.