FrankenFunnels! Adding “keepalive” to make funnels behave like lists

The REST API has been updated to include the new “keepalive” parameter for an autoresponder (funnel). By default it’s off – a funnel is a funnel is a funnel, and once the subscriber finishes it, they’re done.

But once you set keepalive to be on, things change. Instead, when the sequence completes, the subscriber stays on the funnel as if the funnel was a regular list. They won’t get any more entries (even if some are added later), but you can mail the list en masse and that will include everyone who’s finished the list as well as those active upon it. When keepalive is off (which is the default) a mass mailing will only include subscribers who are currently active within the sequence.

So setting keepalive on means you can mail subscribers on the funnel as if it were a list. So you can think of it as a funnel that’s also a list. Or a list that’s also a funnel.

A hybrid. A mashup of both. A frankenfunnel 🙂