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Resending Emails


The transactional API has a one-shot resend capability for any email. The restriction exists to prevent abuse, whether by design or by accident.

The API supports immediately resending the email, and also validating whether or not an email is eligible to be resent.


The API will automatically resend a mailing if it detects a bounce resulting from a DMARC violation. The email will then be resent with sender changes to accommodate the relevant DMARC settings (and the system updated to avoid this issue with future emails). An automatic resend attempt counts as the one-time resend attempt, and you cannot then resend it later via the API.

Otherwise, it may be possible to resend a transactional email using the options described below.


Required Parameters

You must specify all the required parameters from the provisioning API call. These are:

  • apikey
  • license

In addition, the following parameter is required:

guidThe guid of the original email, as returned by FeedBlitz from a prior API call. This parameter completely defines the characteristics of the email that is sent. For example, you cannot change recipients, subject line or the email’s contents. If you need to do this, construct a brand new email.

Optional Parameters

validateIf set to 1, this parameter describes whether the specified email can be resent. This will be true of the license is still good, the email has been sent (i.e. the GUID exists) for the specified license, and it has not already been resent.

If this parameter is omitted, or has any value other than 1, the API will attempt to resend the specified email immediately.

File Attachments

If file attachment data is still available (it is retained for seven days) then the attachments will also be resent. Otherwise the email will be sent without attachments.


If the email is sent successfully XML similar to the following will be returned:

<rsp stat="ok">
<success code="0" msg="244f4476-c7b7-11e7-91e7-a0a8cd7c058c"/>

In the event of a problem, the status will be “fail” and you should examine the message to review the cause of the problem.

For validation requests, an email that can be resent will return XML of the following form:

<rsp stat="ok">
<success code="0" msg="244f4476-c7b7-11e7-91e7-a0a8cd7c058c is ok to resend"/>