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Provisioning End-User Licenses

End Point


Parameters may be provided as (HTTP encoded) URL parameters in a GET (total URL length MUST be < 2048 bytes or the GET will fail); or multipart form variables in a POST. If a variable is in both the URL and POSTed form data, the URL parameters take precedence. All parameter names are case insensitive.

You don’t have to provision a product identifier or customer license ahead of time – you can do that as and when you use the send the email. But you can!


apikeyRequired: Your organization’s transactional API key.
licenseRequired: The unique identifier that identifies the end user installation.
supportRequired: The support URL to associate with the end user license identifier.
tosOptional: The terms of service URL for you, your product or service, or the end user’s product or service. If no appropriate TOS URL can be found, FeedBlitz will provide its own TOS URL.
productOptional: Your product type (e.g. Widgets Standard, Thingamajigs Pro).
statusOptional: Changes the status of the end user license (default is ‘ok’). If you want to deprovision a license, so that it no longer counts for billing, set the status to be ‘deleted’ with this parameter.


The API will return an XML snippet of the following form:

<rsp stat="ok">
<success code="0" msg="Product license provisioning validated successfully"/>

The stat attribute will be one of “ok”, “fail” or “warn” with an appropriate message in the msg attribute of the inner <success>,<warn> or<fail> element. The code attribute has meaning for FeedBlitz tech support, and will typically be zero for successes and -1 otherwise. Failures will be logged at FeedBlitz for up to a week for tier 2 support purposes. 

If the stat attribute is “fail” the call did not succeed. A “warn” indicates that something might or might not have worked as expected, and the message text should be reviewed.