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Deleting Data (GDPR Right to be forgotten)

You can use the metrics functionality to provide visibility and portability as required by the EU’s GDPR. To delete records complying with the right to forget requirement, use this end point:


Parameters may be provided as (HTTP encoded) URL parameters in a GET (total URL length MUST be < 2048 bytes or the GET will fail); or multipart form variables in a POST. If a variable is in both the URL and POSTed form data, the URL parameters take precedence. All parameter names are case insensitive.


Required Parameters

apikeyYour transactional mailing API key

You must also provide at least one of the following parameters:

LicenseRestrict results to just this particular license
ProductRestrict results to just this particular product name
IDFilter by the ID you provided with the email
EmailidFilter by individual email using the email’s ID from FeedBlitz
EmailFilter by receiving email address (does not include CCs and BCCs)

When multiple parameters are provided, they are combined in a logical AND.

DANGER: This is a PHYSICAL delete and cannot be undone.

DANGER: Incorrectly specifying these parameters can wipe out a lot of records in one fell swoop. For example, specifying just a product name will eliminate all records for that product. Similarly for a license. We therefore recommend that you specify at least a product and a license and one of the other parameters in order to restrict the scope of the deletion.


The call returns XML. If the operation succeeds then the number of records deleted is reported, otherwise see the error text and correct any issues.

<rsp stat="ok">
<success code="0" msg="12 emails were removed"/>