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DKIM and SPF Authorization and Validation

In order for best deliverability, transactional API users should set up DKIM and SPF records that map to FeedBlitz, so that these records show that the transactional API is authorized to send email on your behalf. The easiest way to do this is to set up a CNAME (alias) entry, as follows:

feedblitz._domainkey.<yourdomain.tld> => dkim.t9n.feedblitz.com4

That will ensure that DKIM works, and any applicable DMARC tests validate.

What’s important about DKIM and SPF is that they are set up correctly, otherwise emails may be rejected. This endpoint serves two purposes:

  • To validate correct set up of the relevant SPF and DKIM records;
  • To set the API up to use them, once validated.

End Point


Required Parameters

Pass the domain in as the value for the TxnAuth parameter, and include your apikey parameter as usual.


The call returns an unstructured message with an <err> entity, describing the tests performed, and whether they were passed.

In the event that an expected DKIM record was found, the system will also set up FeedBlitz to use that DKIM record in emails sent on behalf of your domain.