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Privacy, GDPR and CASL

Compliance is not an option!

For privacy, CASL and GDPR purposes, the transactional API requires you to provide a support URL for each license you provision. This is so the recipient can get help from the licensee initially, relieving you of those burdens.

The URL can be the visitor’s preferences page for your plugin, if there is one; or the “home page” of your app’s document root on the licensee’s site; or a home / support page for the licensee’s site. Without a valid support URL no email will be sent (using IP4 octets in lieu of a host name is not considered valid).

FeedBlitz will, by default, also include terms and privacylinks in every mail sent, to ensure that compliance regulations are met. Youmay not override our privacy link (this is because we send the email, so it isour terms that govern); you may override the TOS with a licensee’s link or yourown default one if you wish.

If FeedBlitz receives a right-to-forget request, it will be honored immediately. 

You can also use the data deletion API endpoint to comply with a right-to-forget request.

Unsubscribing from Transactional Emails

FeedBlitz adds an opt-out link to every transactional email, so the recipient always has the ability to control what is sent to them.