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Core Concepts

You, a Product Partner

The transactional API is for embedding by third parties (i.e. you) in your solution. Your solution can be an app, plugin, service or custom web site. You’re implementing this on behalf of your clients and customers.


Using the transactional API requires an API key. These keys are not the same as the ones that are used in the FeedBlitz REST and other APIs. Transactional API keys are issued by FeedBlitz support.

When you call the transactional API you’ll need to provide your product partner API key as part of the call. 

Partner Product

For each key you may provision one or more products or services that are using the service. For a plugin vendor, products might be Basic, Pro and Enterprise. For an agency, it might be the division implementing web sites on behalf of your clients. Whether this matters for billing purposes is subject to our business relationship, which is out of the scope of this documentation.

Customer License

A unique differentiator that enables us to associate emails and metrics with a given installation / customer / client. This could be the product key you generate when your software is installed on a web site, for example.