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Simple API Reference

HTTP Headers

For best results we suggest you always provide the following HTTP headers:

  • User-Agent
  • Accept-Type
  • Referer
  • X-Forwarded-For

Required HTTP Headers

  • User-Agent is required in all interactions, or you’ll be 403’d.
  • Content-Type must be text/xml or application/xml when you POST or PUT with an XML payload.

Optional HTTP Headers

We strongly recommend these headers to allow FeedBlitz to perform at its best, especially when it comes to compliance:

  • Referer For insight and analytics as to what pages on your site are collecting subscribers.
  • X-Forwarded-For So FeedBlitz can discern which set of compliance rules to apply during the interaction. If your account has qualified for single opt-in, you MUST include this header for API calls to use single opt-in where privacy regulations allow it. Otherwise, dual opt-in will always be used.