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This API – whose purpose is to enable easy list growth – consists of exactly three end points (see, we really mean it about this API being simple!).



This API, along with the REST API, uses a common API key to authenticate you. If you want to use OAuth instead, please contact FeedBlitz support for access to our OAuth beta. You get an API key here.

HTTP Headers

For best results we suggest you always provide the following HTTP headers:

  • User-Agent
  • Accept-Type
  • Referer
  • X-Forwarded-For

The X-Forwarded-For header in particular helps FeedBlitz determine the IP and other characteristics of the client. In a solution where the request chain is something like this:

Browser -> Your End User's Site -> Your Servers -> FeedBlitz

Then we ideally want to know the IP address of the host at the very far end, the browser. This is what x-forwarded-for delivers, and it is very good practice when interacting with APIs to provide / extend it as early as possible.

SSL Standards

The API requires SSL. As vulnerabilities to SSL become known, some versions of SSL / TLS / ciphers may be deemed insecure. To protect system integrity, FeedBlitz may elect to terminate use of vulnerable SSL protocols and ciphers at any time. In general, we expect you to use modern cryptography. SSL negotiation errors typically manifest as server closed the connection, or unable to connect errors.