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Usage Considerations

The API is designed to minimize the number of queries the caller needs to make to generate a useful dataset.  As such, it is a relatively rich interface giving the user access to many core FeedBlitz resources.  In particular, some complexity has been added to “join” resources at runtime to return comprehensive information in a single interaction, thus avoiding the need to repetitively call the API for one resource and then for a series of related objects.  It is designed, then, to be efficient in terms of minimizing the number of client – server round trip interactions.

As such, some API calls may be computationally and bandwidth intensive.  API users are strongly encouraged to ensure they call the API with the narrowest scope possible required to fulfill their needs, and not to call it excessively.  For example, the lists an account has defined will typically not change very often; there is therefore no need to call the API every minute to query the user’s lists (aka syndications).  An hourly or daily check is usually more than enough, using a cached copy for local serving for the user’s purposes.