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Privacy and Security

The API may not be used to overcome FeedBlitz’s privacy and security policies.  API users are bound by the same terms of service and privacy policies as the core FeedBlitz.com site (see http://www.feedblitz.com/tos). 

In particular, you may not use or attempt to use the REST API to:

  • Determine the email of an anonymous subscriber.
  • Discern information about resources unrelated to your account.
  • Subscribe a user against their will, or without their permission.
  • Alter or change a different user’s email, password or resources they control.

Some features are not available via the API by design for security or anti-abuse reasons.  This includes subscriber import, which must be performed via the feedblitz.com user interface.

If FeedBlitz determines what appear to be attempts to abuse this API, such activity may result in API throttling, or even the immediate termination of your FeedBlitz account, without refund (if applicable). 

All API calls require authentication to the API server on each and every call.  An authentication failure will return an error code to the caller.  The results returned, like in the feedblitz.com GUI, are restricted in scope to the entities that the authenticated user has access to. Attempts to access entities outside of the caller’s scope will return a failure code and / or empty resource XML.

The API is open to all users and clients.