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The FeedBlitz API enables users to access FeedBlitz features programmatically, allowing innovative new applications based on and including FeedBlitz data and functionality.  The API enables comprehensive integration at the data and application layers using a consistent and easy to understand interface.

Applications of the API vary in their potential complexity, and might include:

  • Most recent subscriber displays on a web site.
  • Integrating, embedding and hiding FeedBlitz signup with existing forms and web sites.
  • Automatically creating FeedBlitz subscription and syndication accounts.
  • Enabling email syndications and subscriptions to your content programmatically.
  • Integrating FeedBlitz in Web 2.0 “mashups”.
  • Creating RSS and OPML services based on your FeedBlitz subscriptions or syndications.
  • Providing a branded or innovative management interfaces, e.g. for mobile users, IM clients, corporate web sites and intranets.

The API itself is a REST (representational state transfer)API, using XML and HTTP.  The caller sends HTTP GET and POST requests as documented below to the API server, and they are returned an XML document containing the appropriate response.