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Time Zones

Resource path: /timezones

For daily automated campaigns, mailing list owners specify the time zone for RSS to email delivery.  When a time zone is specified, FeedBlitz adjusts its poll time for daylight saving changes in both the selected time zone and the server’s own time zone.

The /timezone resource gives information about all the potential time zones available to FeedBlitz. A list’s time zone ID is a reference to the relevant entity from this call. 

Tag Comment
<id> The time zone ID
<name> The common name for the time zone
<display> The display name for the zone.  Includes the offset from GMT as text, and one or more city or country names as appropriate.
<offset> The current offset from GMT in text, e.g. -05:00
<offsetminutes> The current offset from GMT in minutes

This resource only supports the GET method.