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Bulk Subscriber Management

Bulk subscriber management is the API-version of the FeedBlitz app’s bulk subscriber move, copy, merge or delete functions, available from the Subscribers menu on every list dashboard.

Resource endpoint: /bulksubscriber/<sourcelistid>

The XML you specify determines the operation to be performed and the subscribers to be affected. It’s important to note that, unlike most REST API calls, this function is asynchronous. Once called, it returns immediately while the work proceeds. You can receive a notification via a webhook if you wish when the process completes.

The resource only supports a POST. XML tags are:

<operation>Required: One of the following:

– move (move from this list to the target list)
– copy (copy into the target list)
– delete (delete from the target list based on this list)
– deletethis (delete from the source list)
– tag (tag with a field value)

Note that operations that add to a target list (move and copy) do not override a subscription in the target which is unsubscribed or deleted.
<targetlist>Optional: Specify the list ID of the list to be changed. Used by the copy, move and delete operations.
<callback_url>Optional: Bulk operations are asychronous and can be time-consuming. FeedBlitz will post the results of the operation, in standard FeedBlitz XML, to the web hook URL you specify here.

For the “tag” operation, you need to specify the field ID to be used, and the field value to be set, using the <fieldid> and <fieldvalue> elements in the submitted XML.

If you don’t specify other parameters, all subscribers in the source list will be affected. However, like the app UI, you can restrict the subscribers based on engagement, group membership, or a segment.

The optional XML elements to use for this are:


Apart from <groupid>, the meaning and contents of these tags is described in the Single Mailing endpoint

The <groupid> tag specifies a single group ID in your account (you may not use multiple group IDs here).

Only subscribers that are in the specified group AND match the specified engagement criteria AND are in the specified segment will be affected by the bulk operation.