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Accessing the API

API keys may be requested via FeedBlitz.com at My Account | API Keys.

The API is called by accessing a resource path (see the documentation below) as follows:


Access Notes:

  • High strength SSL is required; plaintext HTTP requests will be redirected. Plaintext GETs are redirected with a 301; other verbs are redirected with a 308. Ensure you are calling using HTTPS, as not all standard client-side libraries will follow a 308 correctly.

HTTP Methods

The HTTP verbs / methods allowed are:

  • GET                Return information about the resource
  • POST              Search, edit or update the resource
  • PUT                Create a new resource
  • DELETE         Delete the resource

No other verbs are supported.  The extent to which each resource supports one or more of these verbs is documented in each resource’s reference sections.  Each call to the API is stateless; it is up to the caller to maintain any state variables necessary for their application. Authentication information is required on each and every call to the API.

Required HTTP Headers

  • User-Agent is required in all interactions, or you’ll be 403’d.
  • Content-Type must be text/xml or application/xml when you POST or PUT with an XML payload.


  • Any path entries beyond a valid path will simply be ignored.
  • Anonymous users will not show their email addresses or IDs to the caller unless the API’s caller is that user themselves, in which case the fields will be correctly populated.


  • As FeedBlitz features are added other tags and attributes may appear in the returned XML. You should expect unknown or undocumented tags and handle them appropriately.
  • A PUT is not the same as a POST if applied to an existing resource.  A PUT to an existing resource will fail.
  • Any changes made by a POST or DELETE are final and immediately committed. It may not be possible for you to undo and of these changes, even if you have a cached copy of the data you wish to restore.  The API assumes that the caller has made all the appropriate application checks prior to the API being called when modifying data. 


FeedBlitz, LLC is not liable for any data loss or damages you may incur by using this API.  Use of the API implies no warranty or guarantees about reliability, performance or applicability, and is subject to the FeedBlitz standard Terms of Service at www.feedblitz.com/tos