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Triggers API – New Events Added

Paralleling the changes in the FeedBlitz UI, the triggers REST API has been updated to include two new event types: Open and Click. These events trigger actions when an open is recorded, or any tracked link clicked. A great use of these events is to add subscribers who engage to a group, which you can

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New Ad Insertion Shortcodes

Four new mailing shortcode tags are now available to control ads in your mailings, if you want to earn income passively from your mailstream and still maintain per-list or per-mailing control. Ad insertion tags are: <$BlogItemMarqueeAd$> <$BlogItemBannerAd$> <$BlogItemRectangleAd$> Specify these in a mailing to insert the relevant ad type. These work even when you have

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Overriding the sender information in funnel entries

The REST API now allows you to override the default funnel campaign’s sender information (the from name, address and reply-to values) for individual entries. The details are in the “Mail Action” section of the funnel sequence management API. An example use case is a new customer onboarding sequence. You might have the default sender be

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Resending and Receipts

The FeedBlitz transactional email API has been extended to enable an email to be resent. In addition, the core call to send an email has been extended to allow you to request delivery and / or read receipts (although you might not get them; sending these notifications is optional).